SunPoynt combines mobile payments with PAYGO product financing technology to enable the leasing of 22″ solar powered Digital TV home systems in Kenya.


The business model enables users to save up to 50% each week and local entrepreneurs to build new revenue streams


SunPoynt presents an innovative and commercially viable solution that represents an exciting new route to market in rural Kenya


SunPoynt TV

The SunPoynt solar powered TV is an out of the box solution with a Smart Energy Management system that delivers up to 12 hours of great entertainment daily exclusively powered by the Sun.
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  • Watch television with sun power
  • 22″ solar powered Tv set.
  • Smart antenna VHF/UHF.
  • 30W solar panel
  • Smart high quality lithium Ion battery with service life of 5 years.
  • 12 hours of guaranteed daily Tv entertainment.
  • Watch digital channels in stunning full HD quality
  • Embedded with satellite tuner and smart antenna.
  • Inbuilt DVBT2 decoder dispensing need to buy external decoder.
  • USB 2.0 enabling recording, time-shift and Audio/video media playback.
  • Easy mobile charging anytime.
  • HDMI enabling connection to external devices e.g games, consoles and DVD player.
  • No interruptions, no monthly power bills
  • Easy to install-Purely plug n play
  • No system recurrent nor installation costs.
  • Be entertained with Sun Power.
  • 2x 3W LED solar lighting bulbs with 6M cable and own switch thus replacing candles and paraffin lanterns.


  • 1x 22″ tv set with user friendly  remote control and remote &  dry cells
  • 2x 3W LED solar bulbs and 6m connection cables with own switch.
  • 1x 30W solar panel with cable and mounting bracket
  • 1x Smart antenna VHF/UHF.
  • 1 complete multi-tool with light screwdriver.
  • 1x Tv stands.
  • 1xTv manual/user guide.

Who We Are

SunPoynt  is a solar technology company based in Kenya ,which  brings digital solar powered TV   systems to Kenyan rural off-grid communities without access to news, information, education, solar lighting and phone charging.

Our mission is to contribute to green energy revolution in Kenya and the rest of East Africa  by bringing to  communities modern, clean energy solutions for home based entertainment, education, information and  lighting incorporating new technologies that  improves peoples’ standards of living, health, better the environment and eliminate energy poverty burden.

The Market

SunPoynt is disrupting the problems of energy access, helping accelerate access to news, information and education as well as eliminating kerosene use and enabling technology deployment in emerging markets.

  • In East Africa, mobile phone penetration is almost ubiquitous
  • 5 million households in Kenya lack access to electricity and spend $15-35 a year on phone charging.
  • 25million people lack access to power which represents ~$500m/year spend on kerosene for lighting.
  • This represents a huge commercial opportunity ~$500m/year

Solar power is an obvious alternative to kerosene, candles or disposable batteries which, light-for-light, cost over 100x the price of the equivalent energy in the developed world and can represent as much as 30% of the net income of rural households.


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