Our Mission

To contribute to green energy revolution in Kenya by bringing to  communities modern, clean energy solutions for home based lighting incorporating new technologies that  improves peoples’ standards of living, health, better the environment and eliminate energy poverty burden

The Company

SunPoynt is a leading ‘pay-as-you-go’ energy services company for off-grid customers – combining mobile payments with PAYGO product financing technology to enable the leasing of 22″ solar powered TV home systems in Kenya and rest of East Africa.

SunPoynt has innovatively combined mobile money technology and product design to enable under-served off-grid communities access three benefits i.e Tv access,in-house clean solar lighting and ability to charge phones under one plug n play product without having to pay huge upfront costs. With affordable solar powered homes systems, SunPoynt wants to “light up villages so that children can study,” parents can trade, and rural markets can thrive, despite being disconnected from national power grids. With power comes possibility and opportunity making electricity a given for all, not merely a luxury for the privileged.

SunPoynt key objective is focused on providing affordable, reliable and extensive range of quality solar energy access solutions, lighting and electronic appliances for home and small business, including smart phone charging to under-served energy communities across East Africa.

The Market

SunPoynt is disrupting the problems of energy access, helping accelerate access to news, information and education as well as eliminating kerosene use and enabling technology deployment in emerging markets.

  • In East Africa, mobile phone penetration is almost ubiquitous
  • 5 million households in Kenya lack access to electricity and spend $15-35 a year on phone charging.
  • 25million people lack access to power which represents ~$500m/year spend on kerosene for lighting.
  • This represents a huge commercial opportunity ~$500m/year

Solar power is an obvious alternative to kerosene, candles or disposable batteries which, light-for-light, cost over 100x the price of the equivalent energy in the developed world and can represent as much as 30% of the net income of rural households.

Our Impact

The objectives of SunPoynt’s Solar Tv system are to eliminate kerosene use for lighting and deliver clean and affordable power to enable rural Kenyans to realize opportunities and their aspirations.

It is a commercially sustainable and profitable offering, which combines a sustainable technology with a business model that is compatible with the Kenya rural economy.

SunPoynt delivers value in the following ways:

Saving each customer up to $200 per year in kerosene expenses.

Successfully eliminated and replaced over 35,000 kerosine lamps.

Over 40,000 school children have access to 80,000 additional sturdy hours daily.

90% of users have reported improvement in their kids’ school grades.

95% of users have reported increase in family bond, sitting together enjoying Tv entertainment.

Over 300 tons in carbon emissions saved.

70% of our women customers collectively said "Now our husbands are available at home every night and they can now share dinner together with our children contrary to before when they come home late in the night, drank due to idleness. These Tv systems have enabled our husbands to come back home as early as 6pmto follow up on news and we now enjoy entertaining programs and share dinner and laugh happily building our family bond. Most importantly our children can finally enjoy educative poems’ programs on Tv and study at night”.