Kenya’s power sector faces daunting challenges, characterized by high cost and insufficient supply. In rural Kenya, people walk for miles in the blistering Sun after work just to watch television in the nearest town. At 7pm, in rural town restaurants, the music turns off, and the news turns on. These is so frustrating in a nation of 45 million people — where many live without electricity — only 30% have their own television. But culturally Kenyans are very engaged in politics and business, and its news broadcasts that attract the most viewers. If you travel around Kenya, you see people veraciously reading the newspapers. People want to consume information about their society and their government.

Sunpoynt TV makes it easier to watch TV by providing affordable solar powered TV, Anytime, Anywhere.

How It Works

SunPoynt’s  PayGo solar Tv  home system provides 12 hours of news, education, entertainment, clean lighting each day and the opportunity to charge mobile phones at home. After paying a small one-off installation fee for the system, the user then uses an integrated mobile money service to top-up their unit either daily, weekly or monthly . Importantly, this top-up is priced to cost less than their current weekly spend on kerosene and phone charging, so customers start making savings straight away.

A customer purchases credit through a mobile money service either once a week or once a month, and tops up their unit from a T-Code received via text message via the tv screen. This keeps the SunPoynt solar Tv system fully functional and in-credit, preventing the unit from shutting off. Over the course of typically 12 months, the purchase of top-ups allows the system to be paid off ,our PAYGO system automatically  unlocks their SunPoynt Tv system forever for the customer.